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I like how the original post is full of comments that are struggling to try and put an optimistic spin on this, and how kids can have fun with literal, actual shit, or are saying "well I wouldn't want a popular park anyways because it'd be too noisy" or "be happy with that single parcel of land because back in my day kids played outside the coal mines" like, fuck. It's never gonna get better?
I'm sorry to tell you, but your kids aren't gonna have fun in a field of normal looking grass for more than a single afternoon unless you're constantly buying them shit to actually do there. Your kids are gonna be stuck in your shitty suburban house on their iphone, cranking out thousands of views on a bot generated youtube video called "Spiderman Elsa pregnancy counting color monkey song" from some sketchy channel owned by an even sketchier MCM located in India. After that they'll probably start shitting up tiktok and reddit and getting totally immersed in shit tier parasocial fandoms and maybe if you're lucky they'll realize what you've done to them and become bitter adults like me that complain about suburbia.
You're just not committed to living around people, or maybe even living in general, if kids playing at like 10:00 is too much noise for you across the entire fucking street. That would probably be cancelled out by shutting your window, or turning on a fan, unless your house is made out of upscaled toilet paper, which is probably the reality for these people, when the point of this housing is a quick turnaround that they can shove onto the city or sell to some housing manager. How much of the interior on these things are we thinking is decorated solely by horseshit hobby lobby five font live laugh love wooden boards?
Why are people so enthused about the prospect of raising their kids exactly like them, with no improvement ever, because somehow it worked out? Do you have like, no capability for introspection? Are you just one of those people that randomly cries every couple weeks for vague reasons you can't articulate or has some sort of outburst every month or so and then goes back to living your life with completely unaddressed problems and repressions? Who the fuck are these people, like, you have to be incredibly dedicated to cloning your totally unconscious style of life to be like that. It's cancerous.
Then you have all these people telling you to complain to the HOA, as though that's ever been a great idea. Do you want you and your neighbors, that probably don't have kids in the age of 5-12 that would want a playground, to be started up on this issue of raising funding to build the rest of the park? You'd be lucky if the city can fund that, the city's probably almost bankrupt if you're having suburban developments like this in their vicinity. Half of your neighbors probably want to rip up the whole field and make it unlivable, because they hate noise and children, apparently.
And these are the people that are having actual discussion, instead of using their social media fried brain to come up with an optimized five second pun response to put in the chain as fast as they possibly can, because the reddit quote chain of zoolander is fucking hilarious the five hundredth time.

This website is a shithole. Let me off, let me do something productive, my dopamine receptors are totally fried and I don't know why I wake up in the morning. make it stop




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