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reminds me of the time i was staffas
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I miss KGS, Bear, BBC Finn, Anime Moscow


BBC Finn shows up on cringeboard

KGS idk sometimes he’s on yli, sometimes here

Bear left due to obsession with kotkot

anus and yensei chased away cure Moscow by being cringe

Laura's Law:
    No child throws up in the bathroom.


apologize to my good friend yenisei anon


apologize to my good friend yenisei anon


That was all yenesei tbh

Rated: 1/5


Cute Moscow was indifferent + @ me she hated yenesei

Rated: 5/5


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Wat did you say( ・∀・)❓





>BBC Finn


>Anime Moscow






need to build a dungeon @ housefinn basement to lock up posters to keep them posting

Rated: 1.5/5


File: 1656082707106.jpg (1.86 MB, 1283x1850, 6455302 - 0a01904b7f567674….jpg)

>>Anime Moscow
… Ungentleman-like, what did dat anon do to you sweet man??? Anime is Based
1: I Agree
2: That would be very tyrannical…
3: Only if the house is governed by purely democratic principles


> kgs
left because harassed by chino
> bear
weakest low effort shizona i've ever seen
> krautchan finn
as if a 2016 kekistani kc newfag tries to mimic thcm or roy horsecock meme but fails due to his kc newfagness


File: 1656090549695.mp4 (129.92 KB, 492x360, what do you mean by that.mp4)

>left because harassed by chino



File: 1656093793097.jpg (28.59 KB, 652x954, 1651960948652.jpg)

>weakest low effort shizona i've ever seen
What if I told you it's not a schizona


whenever he posts you imeaditily sperg at him with your shit


id call you a LIAR

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